Consecration to the Immaculate Heart--of Families

Mother Adela Galindo, sctjm

Head of Household:

Oh, Immaculate Heart of Mary, sure refuge of sinners and firm anchor of salvation, we desire to consecrate to you today this family. In these times of great spiritual battle, of struggle between light and darkness, between truth and deceit, between authentic family values and destructive permissiveness, we ask you to receive them into your Heart, to protect them under your mantel, to defend them in your maternal arms and to guide them safely to the Heart of your Son, Jesus.

Mother Most Holy, by consecrating themselves to you, this family recognizes you as their Mother and Teacher. They desire to open their hearts to you, so as to receive in an abundant way, the fruit of this consecration which is full communion with the Heart of Christ.

Oh Mother, by this consecration, this family receives you into their home, into their hearts and into their family. They invite you to participate fully in their lives, in their joys and in their struggles. They confide themselves to your maternal protection, to your intercession, and to your guide, so that you may be the Star which leads them on the sure and perfect way to the Heart of Christ. With confidence in your promise that in the end your Immaculate Heart will triumph, this family consecrates themselves to your Heart as the sure means to be consecrated to the Heart of Christ.

Family members:

You who are the Mother of Christ, and who know perfectly the movements of His Heart, of His mind, and of His character, we ask you to mold us, to form us and to teach us to be like Him, so that we may be living images of Christ in our family, in the Church and in the world.

You who are Virgin and Mother, pour over this family a spirit of purity of heart, of mind and of body. May we all live the virtue of chastity according to our state in life and may modesty and virtue prevent all impurity, disrespect or manipulation of our bodies to enter our home.

You who are our Spiritual Mother, help us to grow in the life of grace, to live fully immersed in the divine life which we received at our Baptism. Lead us by the hand on the way of holiness and do not permit us to fall into mortal sin or to waste the graces won for us by Christ through the sacrifice of the Cross.

You who are the Teacher of souls, teach us to be docile like you, to receive with obedience and gratitude all the Truth which your Son teaches us through the Church and through the Magisterium.

You who are the Mediatrix of all graces, be the unfailing channel through which we receive the graces of conversion, of light, of discernment, of fidelity, of wisdom, of holiness, and of union which come from the Heart of Christ.

You who are the Intercessor before your Son, keep your merciful eyes always upon the members of this family, and even though we do not perceive our own needs, draw close to your Son, imploring Him, as in Cana, for the miracle of the wine which we lack.

You who are particularly associated with the Redemptive Sacrifice of Christ, guard this family in fidelity before the Cross. In the moments of suffering, may we not seek our own good, but rather to accompany the one who suffers. In the moments of dryness and desolation, may we remain faithful to our commitment before God; and may we seek to live our sacrifices and struggles in union with your Crucified Son.

Head of Household:

By the union of the Immaculate Heart of Mary with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we ask that this family which today has been consecrated to these Two Hearts, may always live in love, peace, generosity, fidelity, joy and unity. May this family be a domestic sanctuary where its members pray together and communicate with one another in joy and enthusiasm; where the husband and wife love and respect each other; where the children and youth love, respect, and obey their parents; where the parents assume with responsibility the mission to love, form, guide and teach their children so that they may grow in grace before God and before men; where the elders are looked upon with reverence and respect. We ask that in virtue of this consecration, this family may be protected from all spiritual, physical or material evil. May your Immaculate Heart reign in this home so that Jesus Christ may be loved, heard, consoled, and obeyed in this family. Amen.

Family, be a living witness of the Love of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
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