Consecration to the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary--Diocese

Consecration of a diocese To the Pierced hearts of jesus and Mary
Mother Adela Galindo, Foundress SCTJM

“It is appropriate in our times, to profoundly understand and have a greater conscience of the intimate relationship that exists between the Two Hearts,
and of the immense value that an authentic devotion and consecration to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary have in our lives.”
(Pope John Paul II, November 23, 1987)

Oh Sacred heart of Jesus, you have loved humanity to the extreme and have not spared anything to bring about our salvation and to give to us your love, your life, your grace and your truth. You have loved man to the point of allowing your Heart to be pierced so as to become the source of living waters from which all graces are poured forth in abundance. Your Pierced Heart is the open fountain from which flow, with power and strength, the Blood and Water that purify, transform, vivify and liberate our hearts and from which the world receives an ever-flowing torrent of grace, life and fruitfulness. It is from your Heart opened by the lance, that the Church -your Spouse and our Mother-, is born, as a perennial sacrament of your presence and as the realization of your Kingdom of love on earth. It is also from your Pierced Heart, that she is nourished and strengthen with your holiness and fecundity, until the consummation of time.

Today, as __________________, and in communion of hearts with the faithful entrusted to me, I consecrate to your Most Sacred heart, our diocese. With this act of consecration, we acknowledge our desire to live in communion of love with your Eucharistic Heart, source and summit of the life of the Church. We open ourselves to the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit, who seeks to transform us and to give us a heart like Your own. May we enter into the school of your Heart so as to acquire the virtues of humility and meekness; of obedience and self-denial; of generosity and sincere charity. Protect us from all sin, selfishness, error, confusion and indifference. By living within your Heart and allowing ourselves to be transformed by your love, may this diocese be a channel of grace, light, truth, justice, peace, mercy and charity for a world so in need. Consecrated to your Pierced Heart, we devote ourselves to the fulfillment of your merciful designs and to build -with sincere holiness of life and dedicated apostolic work-, the civilization of love and life which is the Reign of your Heart.

Oh Immaculate Heart of Mary, spiritually pierced at the foot of the Cross because of your perfect and indissoluble communion with the Heart of Jesus. Your own Heart was opened in order to receive, in virtue of your spiritual maternity, the Church born from the pierced Heart of your Son. Your Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart, received, in the person of St. John, the entire Church, so as to exercise your mission of caring, providing, protecting and accompanying Her, as you did with your Divine Son. At that moment, the Heart of Christ, commissioned you, Oh Virgin Mother, to protect, -with your attentive, maternal Heart-, his Mystical Body, which journeys through history amidst great dangers as it proclaims your Word to the nations.

Today, our diocese places itself in the person of St. John and receives, with profound gratitude, your maternal mediation in its entire life and in the life of all of its members. As a fruit of this consecration to your Immaculate Heart we ask you to teach us to love the Heart of your Son without divisions; to listen to Him with complete openness and docility; to obey Him with diligence and exactness; to actively and responsibly cooperate in the designs of His Heart in the historic moment in which we live. Guard us and defend us in your Immaculate Heart, sure refuge of sinners. Protect us from all that can separate us from the love of the Heart of Christ and from His Will. Defend us, with your maternal care, from all the dangers which threaten both our earthly and eternal life.

Oh Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Hope of Humanity! Hearts that are indissolubly united in the work of salvation! Today we consecrate and entrust ourselves completely to the love of your Hearts. It is our desire to elevate most highly, the names of Jesus and Mary, within our Archdiocese, as a brilliant banner. From our littleness, we desire to participate in the merciful designs which the Pierced Hearts are manifesting in the Church and in humanity. Having been consecrated to the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary, we renew with greater love, fidelity and zeal, our commitment to the New Evangelization which is fruit of holiness and coherence of life and of a faithful and enthusiastic witnessing o f the truth. May this consecration redound in fruits of holiness, charity, justice, peace, generosity and mercy in each one of us. May the Hearts of Jesus and Mary reign in the hearts of all the priests, religious and lay faithful of this diocese so that together we may be at the service of the Church to build a new civilization of love and life for the whole world. Amen!


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