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Consecration of a business To the
Pierced hearts of jesus and Mary
Mother Adela Galindo, Foundress SCTJM

“It is appropriate in our times, to profoundly understand and have a greater conscience of the intimate relationship that exists between the Two Hearts, and of the immense value that an authentic devotion and consecration to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary have in our lives.”
(Pope John Paul II, November 23, 1987)

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, you have loved humanity to the extreme and have not spared anything to bring about our salvation and to give to us your love, your life, your grace and your truth. You have loved man to the point of allowing your Heart to be pierced so as to become the source of living waters from which all graces are poured forth in abundance. Your Pierced Heart is the open fountain from which flow, with power and strength, the Blood and Water that purify, transform, vivify and liberate our hearts, bringing us to conversion. Your Pierced Heart is the narrow door through which we enter and participate in the Kingdom of Heaven. It is in your Divine Heart that we learn the virtues of humility and meekness, of obedience and self-renunciation. It is in your Most Sacred Heart there that we find the fullness of love and peace.

To your Heart, O Lord, we desire to consecrate today ________________. Through this consecration we ask you to pour over this office and all those who participate in this work, graces of wisdom, of justice, of honesty and of fidelity to the teachings of the Magisterium of the Church. May they acquire and live the virtues that are found in your Heart; may they have the fortitude to be faithful to the merciful designs that You have over all those who are to come in contact with them. May ________________ be an instrument of Your Heart for the sincere well-being of all, especially for those who most reflect your Meek and Humble Heart, the poor, the defenseless and the needy. May all those here become a channel of grace to one another and to a world so in need of Your love, truth, light, justice and mercy. Consecrated to Your Sacred Heart, may they build, with their lives and their work, the civilization of life and love.

O Immaculate Heart of Mary, you are the most perfect model of total consecration and dedication to the Heart of Jesus. O Mother, it is our desire to live in your Heart so as to learn to love unconditionally, the Heart of Jesus, your Son. Through your Heart, may we truly obey Him and serve Him with all generosity, responding diligently to the desires of His Heart.

We wish to consecrate ourselves to your Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart, the perfect and sure path to reach the Heart of Jesus. Your Heart, filled abundantly with grace and holiness, is the refuge where we are healed and liberated from all our miseries, frailties and self-centeredness. Oh Most Holy Virgin, we want to belong unreservedly to your Heart, bearing within us a complete and loving readiness to do the will of God, manifested through your maternal mediation. In virtue of this consecration, we implore you, O Immaculate Heart, to guard and protect us from all physical and spiritual harm. May our hearts be inflamed by the fire and love of the Holy Spirit as is your Heart. In union with you, most pure channel through which Christ comes into the world, and anointed by the power of the Holy Spirit, may we be instruments in this cold and barren world, bringing to all, the love, joy and peace of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

O Hearts of Jesus and Mary, only hope of humanity! You are our hope since in your perfect union of love for God and for humanity, you have given yourselves for the salvation of the world. Through this consecration, we humbly seek to participate in the designs of mercy which the Pierced Hearts are manifesting in the world. We desire to offer our lives in love and in reparation to Your Hearts. With all our lives, we desire to promote and to establish in the hearts of all men, the Reign of Love found in the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Amen.
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