Theology of the Heart: Wisdom of the Heart


On Joy

On Giving Glory to God With joy: "If you knew what joy you give Me in letting Me do with you as I desire. Very few souls consent to abandon themselves completely as I would wish at moments of great sacrifice."

On Mary

Jesus and Mary are not separated in the history of the divine graces that I have constantly received. Jesus gave me for guide and light: the Host and the Star. The Host was Himself; the Star, no other than His incomparable Mother.

I entrusted the task of my preparation for my communion to Our Lady. I received Jesus from the hands of my gentle Mother. Returning to my place, guided by Her, I imagined myself surrounded by a crowd of angelic spirits who formed the court of my Divine King. During my thanksgiving, often, Mary spoke for me; I had only to listen, to unite myself to Her, to contemplate my Savior, to love Him.

All the graces of paradise reach the earth by means of the Blessed Virgin. She it is, our all-merciful Mother, who dispenses infinite riches. I will, then, be a little beggar of love, on behalf of all souls, for the greater glory of our Father in Heaven. It is Our Lady who will distribute the wealth of the Heart of Jesus and, buried in the Heart of Mary, I shall unceasingly beg their outpouring, Yes, in Heaven, until the end of the world, I shall constantly beg for love.

My task throughout eternity, and until the end of the world, is and will be to radiate, through the most Holy Virgin, the Heart of Jesus on all souls.

I found the motto for which I had sought so long, and which corresponded to my every aspiration and summarized all my sentiments: “Love and let Jesus and Mary have their way.” This was an expression that satisfied me. “Love” that meant unto folly, even to martyrdom. “Have their way” this was perfect surrender, the self-surrender that supposed annihilation and destruction of myself. “Let Jesus have His way” meant let the God of love act freely; “let Mary have Her way,” this was to entrust blindly to my Mother the task of realizing Jesus in me, cloaked and hidden by my outward being.

The Heart of the Immaculate Virgin is an abyss of wonders. Enter this most pure sanctuary with respect, and contemplate an incomparable masterpiece of purity, love and of every virtue. Mary is a mother; her great desire is to clothe her children with her own virtues for the glory of Jesus. You have entered into her Heart, do not leave it…remain there and learn from her. Ask her to embellish your soul according to the divine ideal. And in the Heart of Mary you will soon come to know the Heart of Jesus.

On Jesus and the Eucharist

From what God had given me to understand about Himself, these last days, the presence of Jesus in the Sacred Host became clear to me. Yesterday and this morning, the same supernatural understanding. The veil of mystery is torn asunder. He is there, my God, Infinite Unity, the Adorable Trinity, under the appearance of a fragment of bread. He is there, Jesus with His Sacred Humanity, His Body, His Precious Blood, His Soul, with His Eternal Divinity; He is there, whole and entire, in each consecrated Host in the whole universe and in each particle of a consecrated Host.

Exterior things had no place in my thoughts which were centered on Him Who was to become my guest. Great was my happiness! Jesus was mine and I was His. This first intimate union left in my soul, together with other graces, a hunger for His Body and Blood, a hunger which increased with each ensuing visit.

It was my greatest joy each morning to approach the Altar and unite myself with our Divine Savior.

If souls but understood the Treasure they possess in the Divine Eucharist it would be necessary to encircle the Tabernacles with the strongest of ramparts for, in the delirium of an overwhelming and holy hunger, they would themselves press forward to feed on the Bread of Angels.

The Eucharistic Heart draws me more and more to the Sacred Host. As I pass near the chapel, I am moved by an irresistible impulse to enter. Near the tabernacle I experience an indefinable joy. When the Blessed Sacrament is exposed I am enraptured, paralyzed, as it were, by the Eucharistic Heart. When I leave the Chapel, I am obliged to wrench myself from the Divine Prisoner.

Holy Communion, for a soul consumed in Jesus, is the outpouring of the Infinite, the pleasure of sovereign perfection in supreme Beauty, the gift of the Eternal to the Uncreated, the embrace of God the Father and His Word which engenders the Spirit of Love, an outpouring of love between the three adorable persons, an effusion of tenderness from the Heart of indivisible Unity.

Our Lord spoke to me of the love of His Agonizing Heart. He made clear to me that, in the angel sent to console Him in Gethsemane, He saw all souls, and particularly all consecrated souls, who in the centuries to come would wish to share in His sufferings.

Our Redeemer longs to pardon and forget. He often awaits only a gesture or a thought of love on our part to grant an extraordinary grace to some sinner.

To save a single soul and to glorify You, I would be happy, with your grace, to suffer in the place of this soul, if it were necessary.

It is His Eucharistic Heart that is making me realize a little His inconceivable love. I hear every moment His divine sigh: “I have desired with great desire to eat this Passover with you.” He always yearns to give Himself.


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