Novena In Honor of Saint Joan of Arc


St. Joan of Arc,
Filled with compassion, 
For those who invoke you,
Filled with love for those who suffer, 
Heavily laden with the weight of my troubles, 
I kneel at your feet and humbly beg you, 
To take my present need, 
Under your special protection. 
(Mention your request here).

Grant to recommend it, 
To the Blessed Virgin Mary, 
And lay it before the throne of Jesus. 
Cease not to intercede for me, 
Until my request is granted. 
 Above all, obtain for me, 
The grace to one day, 
Meet God face to face, 
And with you and Mary, 
And all the angels and saints, 
Praise Him through all eternity. 

O most powerful Saint Joan, 
Do not let me lose my soul, 
But obtain for me the grace 
Of winning my way to heaven, 
Forever and ever. Amen.

Our Father...
Hail Mary....
Glory Be...

The Litany of St. Joan of Arc 
Composed by Louis, Bishop of Saint Dié.

Lord, have mercy on us!
Jesus Christ, have mercy on us!
Lord, have mercy on us!
Jesus Christ, hear us!
Jesus Christ, graciously hear us!

Our Heavenly Father, Who is God, have mercy on us!
Son, Savior of the world, Who is God, have mercy on us!
Holy Spirit, Who is God, have mercy on us!
Holy Trinity, Who is God, have mercy on us!
Holy Mary, virgin mother of God, pray for us.
Our Lady of the Assumption, principal patron of France, pray for us.
Saint Michael the Archangel, patron and special protector of France, pray for us.
Saint Catherine of Alexandria, virgin and martyr, pray for us.
Saint Margaret of Antioch, virgin and martyr, pray for us.

Saint Joan of Arc, chosen by God at Domremy, pray for us.
Saint Joan of Arc, informed [of her mission] by Saint Michael, the Archangel and his angels, pray for us.
Saint Joan of Arc, compliant to the call of God, pray for us.
Saint Joan of Arc, confidant [in] and submissive to her voices, pray for us.
Saint Joan of Arc, model of family life and labor, pray for us.
Saint Joan of Arc, faithfully devoted to Our Lady, pray for us.
Saint Joan of Arc, who delighted in the Holy Eucharist, pray for us.
Saint Joan of Arc, model of generosity in the service to God, pray for us.
Saint Joan of Arc, example of faithfulness to the Divine vocation, pray for us.
Saint Joan of Arc, model of union with God in action, pray for us.
Saint Joan of Arc, virgin and soldier, pray for us.
Saint Joan of Arc, model of courage and purity in the field [of battle], pray for us.
Saint Joan of Arc, compassionate towards all who suffer, pray for us.
Saint Joan of Arc, the pride of Orleans, pray for us.
Saint Joan of Arc, glory of Reims, pray for us.
Saint Joan of Arc, liberator of the Country, pray for us.

 Saint Joan of Arc, abandoned and imprisoned at Compiegne, pray for us.
Saint Joan of Arc, pure and patient in your prison, pray for us.
Saint Joan of Arc, heroic and valiant before your judges, pray for us.
Saint Joan of Arc, alone with God at the hour of torment, pray for us.
Saint Joan of Arc, martyr of Rouen, pray for us.
Saint Joan or Arc and Saint Therese of Lisieux patronesses of France, pray for us.
All the Saints of France, intercede for us.

Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us, Lord.
Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, graciously hear us, Lord.
Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us, Lord.

Saint Joan of Arc, pray for us, that we may become worthy of the promises of Our Savior Jesus Christ.

Let us pray.

Oh God, Who has raised up in an admirable manner, the virgin of Domremy, Saint Joan of Arc, for the defense of the faith and [our] country.
By her intercession, we ask You that the Church [may] triumph against the assaults of her enemies and rejoice in lasting peace;
through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen

Prayer to of St. Joan of Arc in Times of  Trouble
Composed by Andrea Oefinger


In this, my time of need, I beg thee to come to my aid.
I humbly ask thee to help me bear my trials with honor,
As I remember you in your earthly agonies.


You who left family and friends to enter into God’s service,
Devout and valiant to uphold righteousness to the end,
While being insulted and harmed by your enemies.


Help me to prevail in life and death over evil,
While bearing my injuries with the dignity you showed
When wounded in the breast, head, thigh, and heel.


Abandoned by the king you yourself had crowned,
Captured and sold to the highest bidder,
You put your trust in the King of Heaven to deliver you.


Beaten, bruised, questioned and accused,
You were denied that which you loved most:
Communion, confession, mass and public prayer.


Imprisoned, neglected, threatened and condemned,
Sentenced to die as a heretic the most cruelest death,
To die by the fire and be raised up in heaven!


Hear this petition and my heartfelt plea.
Pray for me in this, my time of need,
For I believe God will deny you nothing. Amen.

(Here mention you specific request.)

Prayer to St. Joan of Arc
prayer written in 1939 by the Bishop of Orleans, France.

O Joan, holy liberator of France, the powerful holy force in the days of old, as you yourself said,
"Peace would be found only at the point of a lance," who used the weapons of war when no other means were able
to obtain a just Peace, take care and help today those who do not want to do violence and patiently try to employ
all possible peaceful means of resolution, but now allow the violence of war.

Return, O great hearted Daughter of God, and wage war against the enemies of the people of France and
the people of England, with whom you yourself wished an alliance for the good of humanity. Both nations are now raised
for the defense of what you would have defended: Justice between nations!
Both peoples wish to crush the rebirth of barbarism as they raise this cry which is yours:
Christianity must continue!

Heroine of Orleans, transmit to our leaders, your talent to inspire your soldiers to accomplish great deeds of valor,
in order that our soldiers’ efforts will come to a rapid and successful end.

Triumphant One of Reims, prepare for us the just peace under the shield of a force that will be henceforth vigilant!

Martyr of Rouen, be near to all the soldiers who fall in battle, in order to support,
console, and help them and those dear ones that they leave behind.

Saint of the Country, excite in all souls, in every home of the world, the zeal to contribute to the salvation
of the world and the return of peace, works which you crave, the rediscovery of a more Christian life,
through holy thoughts and actions, forgiveness and persistent prayer, that as you yourself once said,
"God must be served first." Amen.

Canticle to obtain  the Canonization of Ven. Joan  Of Arc
written by: Saint Thérèse of Lisieux 

God of hosts, the whole Church
Soon wishes to honor at the altar
A martyr, a warrior virgin,
Whose sweet name resounds in Heaven.

Refrain 1

By Your power,
O King of Heaven,
Give to Joan of France
The halo and the altar. Repeat 

A conqueror for guilty France
No, that is not the object of her desire.
Joan alone is capable of saving it.
All heroes weigh less than a martyr! 

Lord, Joan is Your splendid work,
A heart of fire, a warrior's soul:
You gave them to the timid virgin
Whom You wished to crown with laurels. 

In her humble meadow Joan heard
Voices from Heaven calling her into combat.
She left to save her country.
The sweet child commanded the army. 

She won over the souls of proud warriors
The Divine luster of Heaven's messenger,
Her pure gaze, her fiery words
Were able to make bold brows give way.... 

By a prodigy unique in history,
People then saw a trembling monarch
Regain his crown and his glory
By means of a child's weak arm. 

It is not Joan's victories
We wish to celebrate this day.
My God, we know her true glories
Are her virtues, her love.

By fighting, Joan saved France.
But her great virtues
Had to be marked with the seal of suffering,
With the divine seal of Jesus her Spouse! 

Sacrificing her life at the stake,
Joan heard the voice of the Blessed.
She left this exile for her homeland.
The savior Angel re-ascended into Heaven!... 

Joan, you are our only hope.
From high in the Heavens, deign to hear our voices.
Come down to us, come convert France.
Come save her a second time. 

Refrain 2

By the power
Of the Victorious God
Save, save France
Angel Liberator!... repeat 

Chasing the English out of all France,
Daughter of God, how beautiful were your steps!
But remember that in the days of your childhood
You tended only weak lambs...

Refrain 3

Take up the defense
Of the powerless
Preserve innocence
In the souls of children. repeat

Sweet martyr, our monasteries are yours.
You know well that virgins are your sisters,
And like you the object of their prayers
Is to see God reign in every heart. 

Refrain 4

To save souls
Is their desire.
Ah! Give them your fire
Of apostle and martyr! repeat 

Fear will be banished from every heart
When we shall see the Church crown
The pure brow of Joan our Saint,
And then we shall be able to sing:

Refrain 5

Our hope
Rests in you,
Saint Joan of France,
Pray, pray for us! repeat

"Above all, Saint Michael told me that I must be a good child, and that God would help me.
He taught me to behave rightly and go often to church.... He told me the pitiful state of the Kingdom of France.
And he told me that I must go to succor the King of France."

St. Joan  Own Words, p. 6.

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