Saint Jose Maria Escriva de Balaguer with simplicity and very practical way would advise to go to the encounter of the mercy of Christ in the Sacrament of Reconciliation with 4 C’s:

Concise, Concrete, Clear and Complete confession

Concise Confession - means not many words, the exact and needed words. Say with humility your sins, your omissions, without extending yourself. The many words show in some occasions the wish, sometimes unconsciously to avoid or run away from direct and full sincerity- Make a good examination of conscience and form it with the Truth and the Word of God. 

Concrete Confession - without  generalities- straight forward. The penitent declares or indicates his-her situation, the time of his last confession, the difficulties to live a Christian life. We say ours sins and the circumstances of our faults not to be excused. We accuse ourselves so the Confessor may judge, absolve and cure.

Clear Confession - with clarity- transparency in order to be understood, declaring  the precise faults. Recognizing our sins and misery with modesty and gentleness is much needed.

Complete Confession – with integrity. Without shame or holding some sins back because we do not want to look bad before the priest.

Every time we go to confession we review that it is: Concise, Concrete, Clear and Complete.