All for the Heart of Jesus through the Heart of Mary!

St. joseph, custodian of the pierced hearts
Sr. Ashleigh Heinrich, sctjm

A righteous man, a simple heart
In times foretold, he’d soon take part
The passing world, a desert blown
He gave himself to God alone
In Mary’s Heart he found his call
For she, as well, had given all
And thus their life betrothed began
Until the Lord bent down to man

For in her eyes a change he’d seen
The Spirit’s Light, what could it mean?
The answer kept from her betrothe’d
In My’stery it all was clothed
She left with haste and late returned
Her fruitful*** state, he quickly learned
How’d this happen? He’d been so sure—
Betroth’d to her forever pure.

His heart confused, he chose to leave,
Yet deep within, to faith he cleaved
And in his gentle love took care
That Mary’s life and Child be spared
She gazed at him with loving eyes
That longed to calm his anguished sighs
And yet her Heart in silence stayed
And thus the Lord she still obeyed

She let the Lord in time reveal
His answer to the world’s appeal
Yet Joseph’s heart in silence broke
Until from wondrous dream awoke
God’s Mercy in her Son now seeing
Remainéd firm instead of fleeing
Without a single look behind
To her as groom himself he’d bind

The Child within her womb thus grew
‘midst purest love that none e’er knew
Her most chaste spouse beheld in awe
Her Child within fulfilled the Law
By day he worked so to provide
At night kept vigil at her side
Waiting with anticipation
For the world’s emancipation

The summons came from distant king
To journey far and fam’ly bring
With home behind and way unclear
They travelled on, her time drew near.
He took her hand, no time to waste
A room to find, his heart in haste
Each door he tried was shut with force
Without regard and no remorse

The people’s hearts were cold with sin
No room to let the Fam’ly in
A hidden cave at last he found
He set with care this hallowed ground
He lit the lamps and cleared the way
The Mother and the Child to lay
The sun sank low and came the night
That would receive the Father’s Light

His work worn hands reached out to hold
The Babe of whom the prophets told
His gentle heart with love embraced
the Child who showed His Father’s face
Their quiet lives thus opened wide
So for the world Love to provide
The love starved crowds came from afar
Their way revealed by chosen star

The weight of love he keenly felt
Two Hearts to guard, while others knelt
The crowds returned to where they dwell
And so the News in silence fell
Yet soon enough the prophet’s cry
Revealed what ahead did lie—
Two Hearts together pierced for Love
The Third bent low to Plan above

At twelve years old the Child knew
His Father’s work he must pursue
So in His Father’s House he stayed
While anxious parents searched and prayed
They found him still in Temple halls
He rose to heed their worried calls
And to prepare dear Joseph’s heart
Reminded him He’s set apart

His foster father knew within
His role would end, his Son’s begin
God’s work of love united them
For from His love their missions stemmed
And when his role had been fulfilled
To guard their Hearts—a Home to build__
He humbly bowed to clear the way
His Son the debt of sin to pay.

The mission he began on earth
Protects the Church who’s given birth
The Church, though born from Jesus’ side,
With Mary, is the Heav’nly Bride.
In Her, Christ’s Body is alive
Her members towards their Union strive.
Thus Joseph in his prayer sustains
The Church in which Their Hearts remain.


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