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In October of 1978, I was a young priest working at the University of Notre Dame. I wasn’t even 5 years ordained. Like the rest of the World, I was transfixed to the news—and with Catholics around the world, I was united in prayer—as we mourned the loss of two popes in just two months—Paul VI and John Paul I.

And like the rest of the world, I was shocked when the Dean of the College of Cardinals announced the name of the new Pope—Karol Wojtyla from Poland. I shared the excitement of every other Catholic on earth—and as my father was born in Poland, I had a special pride that the first non-Italian Pope in 500 years was a son of Poland. Since I was rector of the main church on campus, I took the liberty to peal the 14 bells in the steeple for almost 8 hours straight. It was a day to celebrate!

Pope John Paul II was a gift for the Church, helping each of us to face the challenges of the modern world with courage and with love. His accomplishments are too many to list. I suspect that each of you have a special “John Paul II” story to share – some personal way that he directly changed your life or the lives of your family and friends. His writing and charismatic evangelization will resonate for centuries. And the papacy of his dear friend and successor, Pope Benedict XVI is in many ways a continuation of the vision of John Paul II.

However, as we gather these days to celebrate the dedication of a new center for campus ministry, I am reminded of the ministry of the young Father Wojtyla as he worked with the youth in Krakow. Father Wojtyla was a brilliant scholar and a tough professor. Yet, as he met with young people, he put aside philosophical and theological argument. In his own words, he would “journey with” them through their spiritual questions and vocational discernment. Through camping trips, plays, and long walks in his beloved mountains, Father Wojtyla invited these young people to journey with him, as a brother in the Lord, so that together they might be members of the family of God.

What Father Wojtyla did with the youth of Krakow, Pope John Paul II did as our Supreme Pontiff. He “journeyed with” us, unafraid of the challenges of the new millennium. As we dedicate a new center of campus ministry this weekend, it is my greatest prayer that this spirit of Pope John Paul II will pervade this building and this ministry.

I also am reminded of a story my Chancellor, Patricia Gibson, told me when she visited Sister Silvia and Sister Sara last July when the construction project was being completed. She said at the end of their meeting both she and the Sisters all shared how they felt something was still missing at the Newman Center. They all knew the Newman Center needed some special dedication to something or someone who could continue to guide the good work being done there.

Mother, I know how much Pope John Paul II has meant in your personal life and in your inspired work to found the community of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary. I am incredibly grateful that you have sent us sisters to serve the students at Illinois State University and Illinois Wesleyan. Not only do they share your zeal for souls and deep love for the priesthood, but Sister Silvia and Sister Sara beautifully carry on the vision for ministry given to us by Pope John Paul II. With Father Kevin, a priest of the John Paul II generation, they truly “journey with” their students, inviting them to be courageous, zealous and loving members of the Family of Jesus.

Mother, Sr. Ana, and all of our special guests, in recognition of all that Pope John Paul II has meant in your lives and praying that his example will inspire new generations of ministers and entrusting the students of ISU and IWU to his heavenly protection, I am very happy to announce for the first time publicly, that effective immediately I decree that this new center for Catholic Campus Ministry should be called the John Paul II Catholic Newman Center.

Pope John Paul the Great – PRAY FOR US!

Mother, here is a photograph of what the new sign will look like over the entrance to the John Paul II Newman Center.

Sister Silvia, as a personal gift to the new John Paul II Center, I want to give you a gift I received from Pope John Paul II. As a young bishop I met John Paul II on my first ad limina visit and he gave me this pectoral cross which I am happy to give to you and the students as a second class relic.

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