"Mary appears to our eyes under a new light: a Mother full of tender and sensitive love,
a Teacher who goes before us along the way of faith and points out for us the path of life.
Listen to Mary in a special way. It is Mary, this time, who is calling you, Young people!
It is She who is fixing this time, this encounter with you, because She has much to say to you.
Come and listen to the Mother of Jesus, your Mother and your Teacher!

(B. John Paul II to the Youth of the World, 1987)


Openning Talk
"Jóvenes, testigos de la esperanza, la fuerza y el amor de Dios" - March 28, 2013
1st School
"La humildad y el servicio, la verdadera grandeza del corazón humano" - March 28, 2013
2nd School
"La juventud, es el tiempo de responsabilidad y desarrollo de la persona" - March 31, 2013
3rd School
"Young People, Open Your Hearts and Listen to the Mother of Jesus, Your Mother and Teacher" - April 1, 2013
4th School "Young People, Have the Courage to Be Intruments of Peace in a Peaceless World" -
April 3, 2013
5th School "Young People, Be Men and Women of the Beatitudes" - April 4, 2013