April 4 to 17, 2010


Teachings of Madre Adela Galindo
Foundress SCTJM

"We must be Living Witnesses of his Legacy...
we must 'without being afraid', build a home and a school
of love and responsibility in the history of the Third Millenium"
- Mother Adela Galindo, sctjm

13 Teachings where we studied
13 themes that were pillars in the magisterium of John paul II


Memory and Identity: The Church that was Home and School of Karol Wotyla
Warsaw Cathedral, Poland
In the School of the Immaculate, Witnesses to the Civilization of Love are Formed

Niepokalanow, City of  the Immaculate, Poland


Purify the Heart for Love
Chruch of Saint Matthew, Pabianice, Poland

The Power of the Maternal Mediation of
the Virgin in Our Lives:
Our Consecration Gives Her Full Maternal Freedom

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Czestochowa, Poland


The Heart of Saint Joseph: The Home of the Mother and the Child
Sanctuary of Our Lady of Czestochowa, Poland

The Divine Mercy in Saint Faustina and John Paul II

Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy, Poland

 Family, Home and School of Love and Responsibility:
The Heart of the Civilization of Love

Wadowice, Poland

Only Love Gives the Most Profound Response and Salvific Meaning to Human Suffering
Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy, Poland

Living Witness to Priestly Love
Cathedral of Krakow, Poland



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