Homilies - Written Homilies 2010-2011 - Fr. Jon Reardon

Written Homilies - Fr. Jon Reardon

Fr. Jon Reardon

Rev. Jonathan L. Reardon is a priest for the Diocese of Springfield, Massachusetts.
He serves at Sacred Heart Parish in Pittsfield, MA.

6th Sunday in Oridnary Time - Jesus’ Actions Reveal that Sacred Truth to Us
Sunday Christmas Octave - Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God - Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart
Christmas Mass during the Day - Let us Behold the Newborn King
3rd Sunday of Advent - Make Straight the Way of the Lord
33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time - Let us allow His light to shine brightly within us and put His grace into action
31st Tuesday in Ordinary Time - Solemnity of all Saints - Let us truly live the Kingdom and come fully alive for God!
31st Sunday in Ordinary Time - Humility opens our Hearts and our Eyes to a deeper Faith, stronger Spirit, firm Hope, and great Love
29th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Let us be more Keenly aware of the Sacredness of the Holy Mass
28th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Be Clothed in Christ's Garments of Righteousness, Virtue, Himilty and Love
27th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Let us set Ourselves on the Path to True Freedom, Holiness and Sancity
23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time - Love: The Path that Leads to True Human Freedom
22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - Transformed by the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness of the Cross of Christ
21st Sunday in Ordinary Time - "'Where Peter is, There is the Church'"
Solemnity of the Assumption of Our Lady - The Blessed Virgin Mary: Forerunner in the Pursuit of Holiness and in the Perfection of Charity
20th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Witnesses of the Sacredness of Life
18th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Unafraid to Be Who We Are with the Eucharistic Heart of Christ
17th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Understanding the Hidden Treasure of the Kingdom in Mind and Heart
16th Sunday in Ordinary Time - 'Good Ground for Hope': The Sacraments Seal Us for the Kingdom
Ascension of the Lord - Lives of Authentic Wisdom and Faith are Built Upon an Encounter with the 'Great Love '
Sixth Sunday of Easter - The Love of Christ: The Source of Our Hope and Our Joy
Fifth Sunday of Easter - Through Tangible Realities, God Reveals Himself to Us
Fourth Sunday of Easter - The Priest: A Shepherd after the Heart of the Good Shepherd
Third Sunday of Easter - The Divine Encounter of Emmaus in Our Lives
Divine Mercy Sunday - Apostles of the Lord: Living Witnesses of His Love
Easter Sunday - Be Not Afraid to Find Everything in Christ
Holy Thursday - "Do You Know What I Have Done for You?" - Living Eucharistic Love
Passion Sunday - Making Room for Love
4th Sunday of Lent - Through Things Simple and Humble, God Comes to Us
3rd Sunday of Lent - Following the Lord Closely with the Acceptance of the Cross
2nd Sunday of Lent - A Personal Encounter with Jesus, Truly Present in the Eucharist
1st Sunday of Lent - Lent: God's Renewing Breath of Life in Us
9th Sunday in Ordinary Time - The Path to Selfless Love: Obedience and Sacrifice
8th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Seek First the Kingdom: Making God the Center of Our Lives, the True Source of Our Happiness
7th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Called to Be Saints in Perfect Charity
6th Sunday in Ordinary Time - True Righteousness: Beyond the Exterior to the Depths of the Heart
5th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Following the Lord to Live in His Light
4th Sunday in Ordinary Time - The Virtue of Humility in the Beatitudes
2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - Disciples of Christ: Witnesses to His Life in Us
Baptism of the Lord - Humble Submission to Jesus' Work in Us
Christmas Day - The Gift of God's Birth: Returning Love for Love
4th Sunday of Advent - The Example of St. Joseph: Listener, Hearer, and Doer of God's Word
3rd Sunday of Advent - Jesus Christ: The Fulfillment of Our Humanity and the Source of Our Joy
2nd Sunday of Advent - Repentance: The Path of Interior Freedom
1st Sunday of Advent - Stay Awake


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