Below you will find the schedule for the pilgrimage of the relic of St. John Paul II for the remainder of the time we have the relic with us during this year of 2017. The dates listed may also include travel dates and may not include times for veneration. As we have more information about the visit of the relic in each city or diocese, we will update the schedule accordingly or provide a link to more information.

Dates Location
October 4 Ave MarĂ­a University
October 9 National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, Washington, DC
October 13 Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Doral, FL
October 15-20 Diocese of St. Joseph - Kansas City
October 21-24 Diocese of St. Augustine, FL
October 26-30 Guatemala
October 31-November 5 LSU - Baton Rouge, LA
November 6-10 Houston, TX
November 28-December 1 Twin Cities, MN
December 5-10 Nicaragua