John Paul II- General Audiences on The Holy Spirit

Pope St. John Paul II

"What Christ accomplished on the altar of the Cross and what earlier still he Had instituted as a sacrament in the Upper Room,
the priest now renews by the power of the Holy Spirit."
(Ven. John Paul II, Gift and Mystery)


Catechesis on the Holy Spirit by Pope John Paul II, given at a series of General Audiences
from May 13, 1998 through December 9, 1998.


The Holy Spirit's Presence in History - May 13, 1998

Spirit is Source of New and Eternal Life - May 20, 1998

The Holy Spirit's Role in the Incarnation - May 27, 1998

The Role of the Spirit in the Baptism and Public Life of Jesus- June 3, 1998

The Revelation of the Spirit in Jesus' Supreme "Hour" - June 10, 1998

Pentecost and the Giving of the New Law of the Holy Spirit- June 17, 1998

Evangelizing in the Power, Newness and Unity of the Holy Spirit - July 1, 1998

The Holy Spirit: Soul of the Church - July 8, 1998

The Holy Spirit, Sanctification, and the Forgiveness of Sins - July 22, 1998

 The Holy Spirit as the Source of Communion - July 29, 1998

The Holy Spirit as the Origin of Charisms and Hierarchy - August 5, 1998

The Holy Spirit in Salvation History - August 12, 1998

The Holy Spirit is the True Hope of the World - August 19, 1998

Man is Capable of Receiving God's Self Gift - August 26, 1998

The Holy Spirit Brings Man to Authentic Freedom - September 2, 1998

The Holy Spirit Inspires the Human Quest for Truth - September 9, 1998

The Holy Spirit as the Source of Every Truth - September 16, 1998

The Holy Spirit Shows Man God's Presence in History - September 23, 1998
The Holy Spirit and the Sacrament of Confirmation - September 30, 1998
Anointing: Seal of the Gift of the Holy Spirit - October 14, 1998
The Holy Spirit: The Giver of Life - October 21, 1998
"Life in the Spirit Transcends Even Death" - October 28, 1998
Our Bodies Will Share in the Resurrection - November 4, 1998
The Holy Spirit and the Virtue of Hope - November 11, 1998
Signs of Hope at the End of this Century  - November 18, 1998
Spirit Leads Church on Path of Renewal  - November 25, 1998
We Await New Heavens and a New Earth - December 2, 1998
Mary's Motherhood is Linked to the Spirit - December 9, 1998
I believe in the Holy Spirit - April 26, 1989
The Spirit of Truth- May 17, 1989
"Parakletos" The Holy Spirit as Advocate- May 24, 1989


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