Consecration to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary--of Youth

Consecration of Our Marriage to the
Sacred Heart of Jesus Through the
Immaculate Heart of Mary

Mother Adela Galindo, Foundress SCTJM

“It is appropriate in our times, to profoundly understand and have a greater conscience of the intimate relationship that exists between the Two Hearts, and of the immense value that an authentic devotion and consecration to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary have in our lives.”
(Pope John Paul II, November 23, 1987)

Oh, Sacred Heart of Jesus, you have loved us to the extreme of giving your life on the Cross to redeem us and to transform us, with the power of your sacrificial love, into your living images, sons and daughters of the Father and heirs of your kingdom.

To your Sacred Heart, Oh Jesus, I_____________ consecrate myself today. My whole life, past, present and future. My whole heart, with all its potentialities to love, to give, to will, to sacrifice and to freely chose what is good and holy. My body, as to become a pure, modest and noble instrument of your love, purity and presence to others. My mind, so as to not be conformed to the mentality of the world but to be illumined and formed by the truth of the Gospel. Today, I offer you all that I am and all that you desire me to become for the glory of your Heart, for the good of the Church and of the building of a new civilization of love and life in the world.

Oh, Immaculate Heart of Mary, you have offered yourself in totality for the fulfillment of the Lord's plan for you and through you, for the salvation of humanity. Your generous fiat, born of the undivided love of your Heart, made you an active cooperator of the redemptive love and mission of the Sacred Heart.

I ______________ consecrate myself to your Immaculate and Motherly Heart. Teach me and mold me to be always generous in responding to the will of your Son, whatever it may be or wherever it may lead me.
I consecrate my life, as to become like you, a living offering of love and service to God. My body, that overshadowed by your Immaculate presence, may become a pure and transparent reflection of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for those I encounter. My mind, that filled as yours with the Word of God, may always chose what is noble, perfect and in harmony with the mind of Christ.

Oh, Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Hope of Humanity! Hope of my life! To you, I consecrate and offer my life and the strength of my youthful years. Protect me under the love of your Two Hearts, from the confusion and error of our time, from infidelity to the grace of your redemptive sacrifice; from any impurity of heart, mind and body. May I always, consumed in the fire of your Hearts, be an ardent witness to the civilization of love and life, to the liberating power of the truth of the Gospel and to the beauty of the treasures of the Church. I totally dispose myself to allow the designs of the Two Hearts be fulfilled in me and, through me, in the Church and the world.


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