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Heart to heart  
"The Third Part of the Secret of Fatima"
Mother Adela Galindo, Foundress, SCTJM

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Dear Brothers and Sisters:

In this Jubilee Year, threshold of the Third Millennium, the Holy Father has desired to make public the text of the third part of the “secret of Fatima.”

This singular event has caused all forms of reactions. For some the secret was not as dramatic or alarming as they expected, and they have experienced certain discontent and disillusionment. Others have taken advantage of this in order to make people believe that the messages of Our Lady were neither really important, nor serious warnings. Neither of these two extremes truly represent the essence of the apparitions of Our Lady, her messages, or the consequences that come from not listening to her.

The Church – as mother, as teacher, and one inspired by the Holy Spirit – has waited until now to make known this vision. “Why now?” many ask themselves. The reason is that the Church must confirm the authenticity of the message by seeing it fulfill itself. All prophecy is true only when it is fulfilled. The Church acts very cautiously concerning messages of future events that have been prophesized in private revelations by not approving them until they have come to their fulfillment. As well, together with the revelation of the secret, the Church has desired to give an “attempt of interpretation,” as Cardinal Ratzinger described the document that he wrote to accompany the publication of this secret.

My question is this: Have we taken the time to read this secret in prayer? Have we asked ourselves why the Holy Father wants all of us to have access to this text and why he has made it public? Have we reflected on what it means for the world, for the Church and for each one of us? St. Paul tells us in his letter to the Romans, “We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose” (cf. 8:28). In light of this Scripture, we can then ask ourselves why the Holy Spirit desired that the entire Church come to know this secret given by our Lady to the shepherds at Fatima. What does the Lord expect of us at this historic moment? What are his designs for the Church in our time? I believe that the text of the third part of the secret answers this. And that is why I exhort each one of you to pray so that it may be the Holy Spirit who reveals to each one of you the transcendence of this message.

Before anything else, there are various elements that are important in this vision: an angel with a sword of fire, emitting flames which seem to ignite the world; our Lady, radiating a great light from her right hand that put out the flames of the sword; the angel shouting to the world: “Penance, penance, penance!”; the Holy Father, bishops, priests and religious climbing up a steep hill, at the top of which was a great Cross; the Holy Father crossing a city in ruins, bent over in pain and suffering, praying for the souls of the dead found along the way, and upon reaching the foot of the Cross, suffering a bullet wound that causes his death; many bishops, priests, religious and lay people also dying in the same manner; under the two arms of the Cross, angels receiving the blood of the martyrs and, with it, watering those souls who draw near to God.

My brothers and sisters, how much is said to us through these images! The Lord wants us to understand how much modern man has acquired the capacity for self-destruction. The human person has reached such a degree of dominance that he has desired to construct a worldly paradise without God, to become the owner of power but without God, to become independent from God by silencing the voice and the law of God. He has wanted to be his own God. But we must come to understand that without God everything turns against us; every power becomes an instrument of destruction; all pleasure robs the human person of his greatest dignity – the capacity to love. All things without God lose their center, and the consequences, my brothers and sisters, are catastrophic. How can we not come to see this at the end of this century which can be considered the cruelest and bloodiest in the history of man?

But there is an element that fills us with great hope: the Blessed Mother, who with her great light (her grace, holiness and maternal power), puts out the flames of the sword. She lifts up her hand and evil is dispelled. The Lord has given to power to our Mother to defend us from all evil, to step on the head of the serpent, which is manifested in different forms in each historic moment. She lifts up her hand and intervenes in favor of us.

How important it is for us to recognize the place that our Lady plays in the history of salvation and in the happenings of the world. Our Holy Father told us in his encyclical Mother of the Redeemer that she is in the center of the battle. She is situated in the very center of that “enmity” (Gen 3:15), of that struggle that has always been in the midst of the history of humanity in the world and in the history of salvation. This struggle has been so evident in our times, and it has been revealed to us in its intensity and its reality when, in the secret, we see the suffering of the Holy Father, his martyrdom (which was detained thanks to the prayer and the penance of the three shepherds and many others), and the martyrdom of many bishops, priests, religious and lay people. Is not that steep hill a symbol of the great obstacles, oppressions, scandals, and persecutions from which the Mystical Body of Christ has suffered in this century, and from which it still continues to suffer? Is not the prophesized physical martyrdom of the Holy Father an event that took place with the assassination attempt on the 13th of May 1981 and that, thanks to the intervention of Our Lady, was not successful? However, does not the Holy Father bear in his heart a constant martyrdom due to the state of so many in the Church and the state of the world, which distances itself more and more from God? Have not many of our brothers suffered – and still suffer – persecution in so many places where the Christian faith is rejected and where atheism reigns?

All of these vicissitudes to which the third part of the secret refer, seem to pertain to the past; however, the call of the Virgin to conversion and penance still applies today. Why is it just as necessary today to do prayer and penance? It is necessary because there have been events that have already taken place, but the evils that were caused by them are still latent in the modern world. They are still present in different forms, with different names – and at times even hidden under the appearance of goodness.

The Angel shouted three times in a strong voice: “Penance!” Let us hear this call. Let us hear our Mother that asks us to consecrate ourselves totally to her Immaculate Heart and to enter into a way of life of prayer, sacrifice and love.

My brothers and sisters, at the end of this battle that takes place in our time, the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph. This is our joy, our confidence and our hope! Just before she died, Jacinta said, “I desire that everyone know that all graces come to the world through the Immaculate Heart.”

May the Immaculate Heart of Mary obtain for us, through her powerful intercession and with her maternal mediation, the graces of conversion of heart and of peace. May she take the Church, which finds itself in the midst of great struggles and darkness, by the hand so that under her maternal mantel we can arrive the much awaited for new springtime of the Church.

In the Love of the Pierced Hearts,

Mother Adela, SCTJM

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