Prayer to the power of the blood of christ for families
Written by Mother Adela Galindo, Foundress SCTJM

Lord Jesus, in Your Name and with the power of Your Precious Blood, we seal each member of our family, our house, our children, young people and the elderly, our family relationships, between spouses, parents and children, and between siblings; we seal our jobs and businesses, our physical, spiritual, moral, mental, and emotional health, and every apostolic mission that we realize individually or as a family to extend the Kingdom of love of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Protect us from the snares of the devil, the flesh, the world, or whoever wishes us harm.

With the Power of the Blood of Christ, we seal every destructive power in the air, on land, in the water, in fire, under the earth, in the satanic forces of nature, in the infernal abysses, and in the world in which we move, serve, work, and live in the present and in the future.

With the Power of the Blood of Christ, we break every interference, distraction, division and action of the evil one. We ask you, Jesus, to send the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of heaven and earth, Queen and Mother of our hearts, of our states in life and our family and Spiritual Family, accompanied by the Archangels St. Michael, St. Raphael, and St. Gabriel, the whole court of the Holy Angels, the Angel of our Spiritual Family and our guardian angels to homes, workplaces, the places we serve, study, schools and universities, to the homes of our friends whom we visit, the places we go during our vacations or places that we go on trips or for entertainment as a family.

With the Power of the Blood of Christ, we seal our houses and every one of the members who dwell in it (name each one) and the future members of the family. We also seal every member of our extended family (grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc.), the people that the Lord will send to visit us or to seek our help, the businesses that work with or for us. We also seal the food, medicine, clothes, and the spiritual and material goods that the Lord generously sends for our sustenance, maintenance, care, development, and growth. We also seal all the generous hearts who provide for us and care for us in so many ways.

With the Power of the Blood of Christ, we seal the soil, the doors, windows, floors, walls, objects, electronic equipment, means of communication, buildings, lands, everything that belongs to us and is under our care and is part of the patrimony of the family. We also seal the air that we breathe, the places we visit, and the environments in which the members of our family develop. With the Power of the Blood of Christ we seal the places and the people with whom we will relate. We place everything within the chalice of His Blood, which we contemplate, adore and receive in the Eucharist.

We seal with the Power of the Blood of Christ, the Holy Father, the Bishops of our Diocese, the parishes to which we belong and were we receive the Sacraments. We seal all the Dioceses where our Spiritual Family of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary is present and serves now, in the present and in the future, for the good of our Mother Church. We seal all the minds, hearts, intentions of all the inhabitants and leaders of the countries where we live and of the whole world, so that full freedom may be given to the Church and her mission of salvation.

With the Power of the Blood of Christ we seal our married life, our family life, the purity of our children and young people, the authentic search for the will of God for each one of us. The vocations of each son or daughter, their studies, professions, and jobs, may we never stray from the path of the full realization of Your plan of love for our family and for each one of us. May we always be sincerely seeking conversion and the holiness proper to lay and family life. May the enemy not stand in the way, steal, delay, advance, copy or block what corresponds in a singular way to our family to give and communicate to the Church.

WIth the Power of the Blood of Christ, we seal our efforts to build a home worthy of the human person. May we be, in everything, living witnesses of the power and fecundity of love so that our children can come to be men and women who build a new culture of love, solidarity, life and truth. We consecrate all the apostolic fruit that will blossom from our family. We seal our salaries, our jobs, savings, our economy for the good of the present and the future of our family with Your Blood. We dispose ourselves to be responsible stewards of the goods you have entrusted to us for our sustenance and development. We also ask that our hearts may always be generous to help the needy and give opportunities to those who could not have them otherwise. We seal the vehicles and any means of transportation that we use, by land or air, the highways that we travel, and the flights that we take.

We give you thanks, Lord, for Your Blood, and we promise to fulfill what you have asked of our Spiritual Family: “that no drop of your Blood may be wasted in our lives.” May everyone in our family be custodians of Your Blood, like Our Lady. May we not allow it to fall to the ground, but allow it to work all its liberating and healing power in our souls, minds, hearts, perceptions, talents, affections, personalities and way of relating.

May Your Blood immerse us in the potency of grace and mercy that flow from it. By the Power of Your Blood, may we live with joy and fullness our married vocation, our family vocation, our charism and our mission in the world. We consecrate ourselves to the salvific and liberating power of Your Most Precious Blood! Free us from the enemy and give us full freedom and total Marian purity, guard us always under the most pure mantle of Your Mother, who gathered Your Blood with maternal love. Amen!



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